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Data backup solutions


Easy, inexpensive way to make sure your data is always safe. Companies must be able to maintain access to data even in the event of a natural disaster or technological malfunction. It supports to strengthen & improve your data protection while controlling costs of information retention and save more expenses..


File Server Backup Solution ( Software )

* Inexpensive data backup solution

* File server provides access to files and databases for desktop/notebook users and for server-based applications.

* The server is dedicated to storing files in a centralized location while permitting access to networked computers.

* Allow companies to store files on central, shared disks, which users and applications can access as if they were

* Direct- -Attached Storage on their individual machines.

* Centralizing files onto centralized servers which improves storage security, backup and administration.

* It enables files to be shared easily by multiple users and eliminate the need for users to leave their computer

* on for other users who need access to their files.

* It enables you to allocate storage faster and easily.

* It replaces or adds internal drivers to desktops or application servers without taking them off line.

* It improves data security and backups and recovers faster from any system problems.

*Search and locate specific files more quickly and easily.

* It delivers high reliability, availability and performance.

* It also let you deploy smaller, less expensive, Highly-reliable file servers to branch and remote locations to

* Provide users with responsive local service.

* The command-line interface is comprehensive, secure, scriptable and remotely operated

* No client licenses are required. It helps further reduce & control IT costs and simplifies adding and managing users.


Automated Backup System (Hardware)


* Inexpensive data backup solution

* Continuous Data Protection.

* Scheduled automatic data backup

* Simple, fast data recovery facility

* Safe and secure backup services

* Automated, hands-off backup option (no need to remember to back up)

* Online file retrieval from any internet connection

* Minimized your bandwidth usage

* Shared storage for your entire Network.

* Free Backup software & Server licenses which mean no additional costs.

* Easy to use and administer through Web based Interface.

* It supports Windows, Mac & Linux Platforms.

* It protects FTP Server, Encrypted FTP with hack prevention.

* User/ Group level Access control.

* Quota Management

* Low power consumption (11W ~ 82W).

* Encrypted network backup.

* It supports Multimedia service, iTunes server, USB Printer sharing