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Earrow is the Ideal hybrid security solution tailor-made for small and big sized businesses. It protects you and your corporatenetworks from destructive intruders, while allowing you to browse the internet & data transfer safely with maximum protection at the lowest cost.

With ever-present threats from online attackers and script kiddies, administrators need a firewall on the borderof any network. The most obvious use for a firewall is to block unwanted traffic from entering or leaving a network.The implications of a serious data breach can be disastrous including,

1. Downtime and revenue loss.

2. Increased customer service and communication costs.

3. Legal liability.

4. Negative media exposure and damaged reputation.

5. Recovery cost.

Earrow offers comprehensive security solutions designed to protect your dedicated server and yourbusiness from multiple network threats which protects your mission-critical data from unauthorized access attempts by inspecting all inbound and outbound traffic, identifying and blocking suspicious activities-while allowing legitimate traffic to flow freely.


E-Arrow Firewall Solution 01 - Linux Based Firewall Solution

* Reliable Linux based Software firewall

* Low initial investment

* Low hardware cost

* Easy to configure and manage (User friendly graphical interface)

* Ease of Firewall management

* Remote Administration Facility

* Minimal maintenance

* Always evolving and improving

* Deploy enterprise class security in no time

* All-in-one security gateway with firewall

* Intrusion prevention, web filtering and authentication based access

* Capability of Antivirus, Anti Spyware, Anti Malware and Anti spam

* Easy Bandwidth Management of VPN connectivity.


E-Arrow Firewall Solution 02 – FortiGate Firewall Solution

* A secure environment in a simplified management scheme and very low maintenance

* Ease of configuration of the FortiGate appliances

* Virtual security domains and security zones enable network segmentation by customer, business unit, or any other physical or logical division for increased policy granularity and multi-layered security.

* Easily customized application definitions deliver additional policy granularity for more accurate protection.

* FortiASIC™ network processors enable firewall and traffic shaping at wire speeds in selected FortiGate platforms.

* Full integration with other Fortinet security technologies (e.g., antivirus, Web filtering) enables extensive protection profiles for in-depth defense.

* High-availability support for uninterrupted service.

* Available centralized management and reporting reduce capital and operational expenditures for firewall protection

* Three operational modes (transparent, static NAT, and dynamic NAT) adapt to existing infrastructure for deployment versatility.

* FortiClient end-point security agents extend firewall protection to remote desktop computers, mobile laptops, and smart phones that operate outside the network perimeter.

* H.323, SIP, and SCCP protocol support to protect VoIP services.

* Support for dynamic routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, BGP and PIM) required in complex enterprise network environments.