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E-arrow Mail Hosting

The importance of superior collaborative and communication services for businesses in today's competitive global market is more than obvious.

Businesses require technological tools to provide a professional exterior and boost productivity which in turn allows them to focus on their core business so they can keep good relationships with business partners and customers.

So forget the hassles of maintaining your own expensive mail server and get ready to experience the benefits of business-class email hosting solution by EArrow


* Unlimited Bandwidth

* High speed, more reliable, robust and scalable

* It is extremely cost effective

* Extremely low maintenance

* More Email addresses

* Maximum e-mail storage

* More User Accounts

* Total protection from spam and viruses

* Webmail facility to access your email server from anywhere in the world

* DNS Hosting


E-arrow Web Hosting

A professionally designed website is a marketing tool & an enabler for your business. Your website represents your company online and catering to local & global market.

What about after your website is finished? The hosting solutions you choose are just as important as the quality of your website. It's important that your site be hosted on servers that are fast to respond and ultra reliable. After all, what good is a website that users' cannot access quickly or at all?

Linux shared hosting & has an upper hand over other & web hosting services & because of its open source feature and fast performance.

* Fast access to the web site

* The secure and stable Unix base hosting platform

* Range of Hosting plans for different customer requirements

* Cost effective

* Secure & ultra reliable

* Password protection

* More storage


E-arrow FTP Hosting

FTP hosting service is perfect for those businesses who want to share software, photos, drawings, and large files with clients and vendors. FTP server space is an area on the Internet you and your clients can send and receive bulk information with large size.

* Data Protection

* Fast and secure method of transferring files

* Remote Administration

* Private Accounts

* Separate User Accounts

* Unlimited Bandwidth

* Maximum Storage

* Access through internet from anywhere.

* File-zilla open source client for easy access

* Read/write access