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Dedicated Mail Server

Mail Server Solution is an extremely cost-effective, user-friendly and reliable Linux based platform to host your corporate email accounts.

* Unlimited user license

* Easy web based user management to create accounts, to delete, to modify and to configure of network parameters

* Webmail facility to access your email server from anywhere in the world

* Pluggable Authentication Modules and able to custom to run any third-party authentication module.

* Greater relay control, support for authenticated SMTP and POP before SMTP.

* It has inbuilt Firewall to prevent unauthorized access.

* Coding in C language ensures closeness to the OS for optimized performance.

* Automated system to continuously monitor all critical mail services.

* It supports multiple Mail Clients such as MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, Pine, and MUTT.

* Easy to use and intuitive administration tools.

* Protection against denial of service attacks.

* LDAP address book facility.

* Auto forwarding of mails

* Bounced message notification to sender

* Web-based Shared Folders

* Web-based Calendaring

* It provides highly configurable out of box IMAP and POP-3 Support.

* Support for very large no of Domains

* Customization of Web-mail interface

* Users Per Domain

* Auto responder Facility

* Mail Filtering

* Mail Migration

* Bulletin Feature

* Logs & Reports

* Anti-spam, Plug-in, Module Block Sender Functionality

* Global Server level Blacklist - Private Blacklist

* Global Server level White list (Trusted Sender list) - Private White list

* RBLs / DNSBLs Lookup - Public Blacklists

* Check valid User (Recipient) functionality

* Domain specific valid recipient check.

* Tar pitting functionality


Dedicated Web Server

Dedicated server lets you run your customized application with full priority and dedicated resources. Hosting your website on dedicated server give you more flexibility on your hosting environment. If you run a high traffic website or portal then dedicated server is the best option. By application of a Linux system you can accord with open source attributes and users can add additional features according to their taste.

* Compact, easy to use and fully compliant to standards

* Allows control over virtual servers, quick access to tasks, and integrated cluster management from a browser or a command-line

* Low requirements for great performance

* Easy configuration

* Thousands of domains can be served

* Fault-tolerant and robust

* Secure & more Reliable

* Hosts your PHP, Perl, and "Classic" ASP scripts

* Total control over the bandwidth

* Password protection

* Custom directory listings

* Virtual hosting

* SSL/TLS support (HTTPS - Secure connections)

* Easy dual hosts (HTTP+HTTPS) setup

* Starts when your computer boots up

* The command-line interface is comprehensive, secure, scriptable and remotely operated

* Most administration tasks can be applied without requiring processes to restart

* Extensive virtualization allows efficient mass-hosting of many domains with extensive customization of each domain

* The built-in search engine allows the easy indexing and searching of locally stored common document types.


Dedicated Proxy Server

Proxy Server is high-performance open source software for dramatically improving web viewer experience by caching and filtering web content. It intelligently caches frequently accessed documents.

* Saves on bandwidth, helps improve response times

* Reduce your bandwidth cost

* Accelerate Internet Access Speed

* Unlimited user license

* No Annual Renewals

* Helps improve the Web access experience for your users by banishing bottlenecks

* Highly scalable solution for caching and filtering Internet and intranet content

* Allows you to scale web applications with greater ease

* Robust and affordable

* Users / Groups level based Internet Access Control.

* To monitor the internet usage of all users.

* Schedule Internet Access

* Transparent Proxy Features.


Dedicated DNS Server

A DNS server runs special-purpose networking software, features a Public IP address , and contains a database of network names and addresses for other Internet hosts.

* Simple yet Powerful

* Internet Domain Support

* Local Name Resolution

* Internet Name Resolution

* Authoritative and Recursive (resolver and cache)

* High performance DNS server engine and user interface

* Highly configurable

* Remote Management

* Direct support for dynamic IP clients

* Full support for IDNs (internationalized domain names)

* Full support for IPv6

* Easy to integrate with other applications


Dedicated FTP Server

FTP Server greatly simplifies the process of securely exchanging data with trading partners and automation of file transfer processes, resulting in increased productivity and immediate return on investment.

* It provides a highly-secure method for exchanging data both internally and between business partners.

* Simplify the FTP server management process by unifying all FTP services to use a single platform independent solution.

* Gain control of users and system resources.

* Automate file transfers between trading partners.

* Provide a secure web-based file transfer gateway to clients without installing any software.

* Private Accounts

* Virtual File System

* Remote Administration

* Checkpoint and Restart

* Server and Account Management API

* Allow only encrypted connections

* Integrated Web File Transfer Client

* Reporting

* Database Logging

* IP Access Rules

* Automated File Transfers

* Website Integration

* Integrated Search

* Ad-hoc Email Transfer

* Filezilla open source client for easy access.